videos, moving photograhy, documentary, fantasy



Minni f. Ronya AW 2011-2012


This is my diploma work for The University for the Creative Arts, UK, (2009) which I have contiued in 2010 in Finland.

In this video the dancers go through four different physical stages: normal state, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and after eating fast food. This is based on nightlife and how we intoxicate ourselves to feel free and to dance. Here I explore the movements in the slowed motion and how intoxication is seen through expression of dance. I have used models from different cultural backgrounds.

Shoot fashion!

Veronika Aprubs is an upcoming fashion designer. She has clever ideas in her designs. This clip was filmed in her photoshoot introducing her diploma work for The HTW in Berlin.

Munkkiniemi’s rooftop warriors

The city of Helsinki declared a war on snow in winter 2010/2011 which goes down in history as the snowiest winter in decades.

Hokusai wave

I was inspired by Katsushika Hokusai’s wave pictures. Filmed during a boat trip across The Finnish Gulf in August 2010.