videos, moving photograhy, documentary, fantasy

About me

” As a videographer I record moving images. To me it means capturing motion, exploring time – as time is displayed differently in video than it is in a photograph. Sound is vital for a video, the way it deals with the visual movement. Although, it is also interesting to look at moving images without sound. Sometimes the silence is needed. Or the other way around. Even the most meager activity on the screen accompanied with an effective sound can be an intriguing experience.

I’m interested in looking through the lens at various phenomena. Even the most surreal ones. Life itself is surreal. I’m glad when I see situations in everyday life that might seem plain but when you picture it you find a whole other dimension from that situation. Plain things might often give pleasure to the seeing eye. I like to explore the effect of light, how something can be displayed totally differently with the change of light. Light can expose or the abscence of it can conceal. I also find aesthetics very important.”



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